Extra Vergin Olive Oil - Pruneti "Podere Case Sparse"

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Product Description


The iris has been the official crest of florence since the 11th century, and it has also been the symbol of pruneti family for generations.imagine the olive trees surrounded by a sea of purple and violet flowers: this is what pruneti wants to reproduce in the label of this oil.paolo and gionni decided to give this oil an igpcertification to strengthen the link with the territory, stating that all ingredients come from the hills around florence.

Product Name: Toscano Igp Colline Di Firenze
Production Area: San Polo In Chianti (Florence –Tuscany –Italy)
Average Altitude: 330-380 mt. above sea level
Varieties Of Olives: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, minor varieties
Harvest Period: at the onset of ripening
Harvest Method: handpicking
Manufacturing Methods: continuous cycle, hammers and discs crushing, cold extraction
Extracting Facility Location: Pruneti Company Mill

Category: medium/intense-fruity oil, balanced in the perception of both bitter andspicy; characterized by cardoon, red radicchio and nutmeg.
Aroma: the bouquet opens with an intense smell of cardoon and radish, accompanied by notes of red radicchio and cucumber.there are unmistakable notes of rosemary and nuts.
Flavor: in the mouth red radicchio is predominant but always accompanied by the bitter flavor of cardoon.there are notes of mint, chive and almond.the intense spicy notes are characterized by black pepper and nutmeg.
Culinary uses: excellent on pasta with vegetables, risotto with vegetables or cheese, grilled meat and vegetables; ideal as a dressing for structured meat or fish dishes.