Cream N°20 - Acetaia Le Aperte 40 ml

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Product Description

 Cream N°20 - Acetaia Le Aperte 40 ml

Made  from  Trebbiano  grape  must  and  matured  in  barrels  made  of  different  types  of  wood,  following  an  age-old  tradition.  The  years  of  maturing  give  the  cream  the  perfect consistency whilst the barrels’ different types of wood impart precious aromas and  flavours.  Cream  No.  20  is  less  acidic  than  the  Balsamic  Vinegar  of  Modena.  A  natural,  thick  and  smooth  product  with  a  typically  mild  flavour  and  no  added  colourings, preservatives or thickening agents. Ideal with cheese, grilled vegetables, cream and vanilla ice cream. Its consistency makes it a versatile ingredient that does not need any reduction or cooking.


 SIZE: Bottle 40 ml / 1,352 oz